Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some Great LDS Inspirational Books

That previous short list of LDS books had to deal with mostly scholarly/analytical approaches to the topics, ideas and concepts, but that are wonderfully faith promoting. Also, I could have made that list longer :-)

I will make other suggestions for that list another day, however, today I wanted to get out a list of my favorite "inspirational" books. I mean the kind you'd find in the "Inspirational" section at Deseret Book or Seagull Book.

Increase in Learning by Elder David A. Bednar--I've posted the first two parts of a four part series on this one. The next post will be up this Friday.

The Broken Heart by Bruce C. Hafen--This book is beautiful. Elder Hafen does a fantastic job explaining how we can apply the Atonement to our daily experiences. He talks about mercy, justice, etc...

Hearing the Voice of the Lord by Gerald Lund--My favorite book about personal revelation. There are so many stories and quotes that help to teach concepts and ideas that we can apply and learn from so that we better recognize the promptings of the Spirit.

The Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton Christensen--Best book about the HOW of sharing the Gospel. I was hesitant on this one because of how much it is lauded, but it deserves the praise in my opinion. Elder Ballard even mentioned Clayton Christensen in the October 2013 conference as a good example for sharing the Gospel.

Finding Peace, Happiness and Joy by Elder Richard G. Scott--This is a very personal look into the mind of Elder Scott. Some of this reflects some talks from a few years ago, but it he expounds on some ideas. Some of my favorite parts are when he talks about things he does to help keep the Spirit in his life and find balance. I learned that he plays the saxophone and is learning jazz piano!

Christ and the New Covenant by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland--This is a good book that provides insights from Elder Holland into the Book of Mormon--who doesn't want a little piece of Elder Holland's thoughts? My favorite chapters had to deal with rending the veil of unbelief.

Ok, I have to stop there. I have more, but those will be for another day.

One major difference in this list is that I have read all of these from cover to cover except for Everyday Missionary, but I'm getting close to finishing it. Yes, I read a bunch of books at the same time and jump around, call it book ADD if you will, but it works for me.

Also, my review of By the Hand of Mormon by Terryl Givens is taking me quite a bit of time, but it is coming after the Increase in Learning series is done. I want to make sure to share what I loved about it.